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Education Beyond the Classroom


Education Director, Promise for Relief and Human Development

2015 - Current

As Educational Program Director for PRHD, I work to provide higher education opportunities to internally displaced populations and to establish sustainable institutions of higher education in various provinces of war-torn Syria.

Community Service: Experience

For a long time, I struggled to find a relationship between my research goals and my public service. I often felt I had to pursue a different career if I wanted to continue my public service or I had to give up my public service work if I chose to pursue my academic interests.

However, (fortunately), I have found that not to be the case.

My academic work has improved my service in a number of both large and imperceptible ways. As a student and instructor, I am well-situated to advise on development projects related to the education sector. I prioritize and value providing educational opportunities to those in refugee camps and conflict zones.

I hope to continue playing an active role in advocating for educational proposals and female education in various public service organizations.

Community Service: Video

Promise College

As Education Director, I worked to establish Promise College in southern Syrian which serves 1,836 students in a variety of disciplines including Electrical Engineering, Counseling and Psychology, and Medical Sciences.

In October 2017, our first class of 250 students graduated with teaching certificates. 

They are my greatest inspiration. 

Community Service: Video
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